Central States VHF Society

Noise Figure Measurements

1995 - 2010

The Central States VHF Society has conducted Noise Figure Measurements since the late 1970's. In the early days results were tabulated and sent out with the following years conference announcement. In more recent years the results have been handed out at the end of the conference. The results are usually also published in the following year's proceedings.

The published results can be used to make comparisons between commercial and homebrew preamps, between different homebrew designs, and between different devices from different manufacturers. In recent years the equipment used to measure noise figure has been the HP8970 Noise Figure Meter and HP346A Noise Source. Measurement accuracy of the system according to HP is +/- 0.2 db!

The Noise Figure Measurements have been for many years conducted under the diligent guidance of Al WB5LUA and Tommy WD5AGO. Al and Tommy have provided equipment and the expertise that has made the results published by CSVHFS a recognized standard. In recent years, others have stepped up as well, like Tony WA8RJF and Pete K9PW, and so on. The Society sincerely appreciates their hard work and dedication.

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