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CSVHFS “States Above” Wrap-up 2015-2016

For the 50th Anniversary CSVHFS “States Above” event, Bob, K8TQK turned in 166 band-states to again capture the top spot for the year…. another outstanding effort by Bob.  Dennis, NT0V picked out 110 band states for 2nd place and Keith, W9RM came in with 85 band states for 3rd place.

Other Results for the July 1st, 2015 through June 30th, 2016 period were:

KO9A:            69 Band States         N4MM:           39 Band States

K0CQ:            37 Band States         K9JK/R:         31 Band States

We did not receive to many entries this period and we would like to remind all folks working the bands above 50 MHz to submit for the States Above 50 MHz event. When you work a contact in the upcoming season, just keep track and get ready to send them in next summer.   We need your entries!

See the Central States website for rules, entry forms and information.  The top 3 entries will receive a plaque at the Saturday Conference Banquet in July.  If you are not able to attend, then the plaque will be sent to you.  Note that all participants will receive a certificate for their years effort!


Remember "States Above" is not only an awards program, but it's is a great way to track your activity on the bands above 50 MHz throughout the year!  Simply work any station on any band above 50 MHz and keep track of what state the contact was in.  So, dig those log books out or check your tracking on your PC or Mac logging program and fill out the entry form!

Note: you don't need to be at the conference to submit an entry, all qualifying entries will be considered!

Program year is over--send in your results!


Final standings posted here in early August 2016.

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