States Above 50 MHz Award                                                                        (updated 18 July 19 by W9FZ)

Change (permanent)!!!  Program year will now run from June 1st of a given year until May 31st of the next year. It will give more time to process entries and bestow appropriate recognition at the CSVHFS Conference.  June 1-30, 2019 counts for both the recently ended 2018-19 program year as well as for the now active 2019-20 program year.


1.  Promote interest in VHF/UHF operating and in The Central States VHF Society by issuing certificates to anyone working 30 or more states/provinces, in a one year period, onthe bands above 50 MHz.

2.  Promote activity across all bands above 50 MHz and all propagation modes found on these bands.

3.  Promote working States/Provinces as this was the original goal of the founding amateurs of the CSVHF Society.

4.  Promote membership in the CSVHF Society - only members are eligible for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place plaques.

Contest Period:

0001 UTC, 1 June YYYY to 2359 UTC 31 May YYYY.    !!!!! Change as of June 2019. June 1-30 of 2019 counts for both the 2018-19 and the 2019-20 program years.


Work as many states and provinces as possible on each of the amateur bands above 50 MHz.

States Above 50 MHz Award Information


This last file is in MS excel format and includes a summary tab and tabs for each band. You should be able to "save" the file to your computer and use it throughout the year. Rename the file with your callsign and you can submit just that file (as one option). (If you just click the link, it opens as a "read-only" spreadsheet. You'll need to save it to your computer to be an editable document for you.) 

This new file is unprotected and has the date columns widened slightly to avoid "xxxxxxx's". There are no macros intended in the file so you can disable macros when "warned".


Notes:  Populate the "Summary" tab with your Call and 2-letter state and those will propagate to all the remaining tabs. Change the program year on the Summary tab for future years. The date column will take just about anything you type and convert it to a fixed format of date. (mm/dd/yy is the quickest.) When you fill in the columns for callsign, time, date, and mode, you'll get a "1" in the count column.  It does not increment. You can just leave it or feel free to change it to a running count on that band. Either way, the summary sheet counts the states and keeps a running count. Just email the file for electronic submission. It's best if the filename indicates your callsign and the program year.  You can also save to a .pdf or print to a .pdf depending on which version of Excel you are using.



  • Submission instructions

Mail entries to:


Vince Pavkovich K0SIX
23260 189th St NW
Big Lake, MN  55309
Questions may be adressed to:  Vince's callsign at


States Above 50 MHz Award Results



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